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19 gilla-markeringar, 1 kommentarer - Sporty Montagne Passion (@sportymontagnepassion) på Instagram: "C'était réussi dommage !

translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'dommage collatéral',dommage corporel',dommageable',dédommager', examples, definition, conjugation 1. (= préjudice) harm ⧫ injury. le dommage subi the harm done ⧫ the injury sustained. see also dommage collatéral, dommage corporel, dommages-intérêts. 2.

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noun. damage [noun] injury or hurt, especially to a thing. The storm did/caused a lot of damage. She suffered brain damage as a result of the accident. mischief [noun] evil, damage or harm.

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants was created in 1999 by the Commission on Human Rights 

general dommage (also: dégâts, préjudice, réparation, dégradation, dégât, casse) Translation of 'Dommage' by Bigflo et Oli from French to English. The author of translation requested proofreading. It means that he/she will be happy to receive corrections, suggestions etc about the translation.

Dommage in english

"Dommage" is a song by French hip-hop duo Bigflo & Oli taken from their album La vraie vie. The song has peaked at number 11 on the French Singles Chart.

tout dommage 982. dommage causé 964. quel dommage 706. il est dommage 697. c'est dommage que … I didn't imagine that all this will end with the eyes filled with tears. Album . What a pity.

French Translation for dommage - English-French Dictionary 2018-05-12 · Tant pis (pronounced ta(n) pee), is an everyday French idiomatic expression that literally means "so much worse."The phrase is often used as an exclamation that ranges from the mild "oh well" to the rude "tough," depending on how you articulate it in conversation.
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Dommage in english

c'est dommage. English. it's a shame. Last Update: 2020-01-08.

… C'est quand même dommage d'avoir raté ce film ! (dégât). 9. dommage – Translation from French into English | PONS.
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par là du dommage à la propriété de quelqu'^utre personne, paiera l'amende English: Plan of the Munkbro Theatre, Stockholm Svenska: Munkbroteatern, 'English: Maxime Raymond, André Laurendeau and Henri Bourassa, during 

Album . What a pity.

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Translation of «dommage» in English language: — Swedish-English Dictionary.

Dommage as used in your context, means "That's too bad", or as others have already said "What a shame." And yes, dommage also means damage, but not in the context you used above. Only when talking Many words in the English vocabulary are of French origin, most coming from the Anglo-Norman spoken by the upper classes in England for several hundred years after the Norman Conquest, before the language settled into what became Modern English. Il est un peu dommage que nous devions nous adresser à M. Lemierre en son absence; c'est pourtant ce que je vais faire. localhost The initiative for sustainable energy use would be in place until the end of 2008, with an investment of €1.5 billion. C'est vraiment dommage que, dans la crise bancaire [] que nous traversons, nous n'ayons pas d'ONG qui s'adresserait au public avec des informations compétentes et observerait d'un œil critique comment les intérêts du secteur financier s'imposent au détriment du bien public.

18 nov. 2020 Many translated example sentences containing "c'est dommage" – English- French dictionary and search engine for English translations.

(= préjudice) harm ⧫ injury. le dommage subi the harm done ⧫ the injury sustained. see also dommage collatéral, dommage corporel, dommages-intérêts.

That's , that's , that's too bad. c'est vraiment dommage parce que nous n'avons pas fini. Well, that's too bad 'cause we're not done asking. Et bien, c'est vraiment dommage, car … Many translated example sentences containing "un peu dommage" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations. Dommage - Bigflo & Oli | English Translation / Traduction anglaise.